TCR Development create custom web and Windows applications using the latest technology and industry standards. We create web applications that are accessible and responsive to different devices that perform the functionality the client requires in a way that is fast, secure, and reliable. You design the requirements, we fulfill those requirements with concern for the problems you might not consider, such as security and usability. Both the web and Windows are constantly evolving and our developers carefully track that evolution to maintain state of the art solutions to your needs.


Security is paramount. An insecure application is not functional.


Functionality requires responsiveness to modern mobile devices.


We create applications that are fast at processing large amounts of data with accuracy.


Clean and concise code following the KISS principle that can be easily upgraded.

We manage the software development project from the design phase, through development and testing, both functional and penetration testing, and handle rollout to production and follow-on maintenance. We can maintain your web site as well as any cloud resources you may require. We can guide you through the process of developing business requirements and SQL Server/Oracle database schema as well as choose database and web hosting services.