Custom Software and Services

Leading edge solutions give our clients the edge.

TCR Development builds custom Windows and web applications and services including front end and back end programs. Everything from financial websites with fiduciary responsibilities to e-commerce web sites that require security for personally identifiable information, PII. We also manage servers, databases, and software for 401k administrators and often provide ongoing support for the projects we develop for our clients.

WealthStation PlanAdvisor

This product lets fund advisors identify the appropriate funds to place in retirement plans. They offer advice for the appropriate funds to retirement plan sponsors and administrators and communciate changes. The program allows import from multiple fund data providers and integrates with major pension administration software vendors.

  • Current production version requires Microsoft Silverlight and a compatible browser (IE 11 or Firefox). Future version will use a responsive front end and will be compatible with the latest browsers and mobile devices.
  • Involves back end processes for monthly import of fund data from large data files.
  • Windows service polls the database for report requests and executes Crystal Report exports to PDFs for distribution.
  • Develop and maintain Crystal Reports that work with datasets generated by Windows Service process.
  • Managed over multiple releases and many years. Currently converting to the latest framework and .NET Core back end.

Retirement Loan Eraser

A website that integrates with retirement plan administration software via FTP files to sell insurance covering 401k loans to prevent the fees and penalties associated with having a loan and being laid off and unable to repay it.

  • Worked with Internet startup CTO to generate initial administration and public web site while they had limited staff.
  • As an in-house developement team was brought on-board and the product took shape, we trained their employees to take over management.
  • Uses Entity Framework 6, SQL Server and Knockout.js for the front end.


An e-commerce website that allows people to sell collectible shoes.

IT and software management

We manage the environment (databases, web and Windows services and programs) for retirement plan administrators. We are responsible for database and system backups and restoration in the event of failure or emergency. We also provide custom software and manage externally purchases client software. We are available to provide disaster recovery services. We solve problems.

  • Firewalls, routers, servers, and client work station management.
  • Management of Windows Azure services and machines. We can assist you in determining the best way to host your software.
  • Database and server backup and emergency management.
  • Develop and maintain Crystal Reports that integrate with an Oracle database.