Custom Software and Services

Leading edge solutions give our clients the edge.

TCR Development provides several pre-built software packages. We manage IT and software for 401k administrators and often provide ongoing support for the projects we develop. We make this software available as-is or can customize it to your needs.

Manage IT - Database Backup/Archiving

Create and schedule Oracle database backup and archive jobs across multiple systems.

  • Schedule jobs by hour and day or run immediately.
  • Get notification emails to multiple users on export success or failure.
  • Dashboard shows the last log number so that you can track the status of primary and standby system.
  • Hot backups.
  • Responsive web front end makes database management available on the go.
  • Angular front end that looks and works well on any device.
  • Each database server has a Windows Service running to manage the export process.

Bug Tracker - Software Life Cycle Management

Track software bugs and requirements throughout the software life cycle.

  • Filter by program. Handles multiple programs, users, and versions.
  • Filter by status (closed, in-design, in-programmming, etc).
  • Prioritize bugs and assign to individual users based on life cycle.
  • Often used as a test bed for the latest technologies. Testing front end technologies like Knockout, Aurelia, and currently Angular as well as back end like .NET Core and node.js.