Custom Software and Services

Leading edge solutions give our clients the edge.

Our developers are experienced in a number of software technologies. We are also able to pick up and learn new technologies that our clients may have a need for due to legacy requirements. We can create, convert or maintain client code.

c#,, Java, Silverlight, Typescript/Javascript, MVC 5, .Net Core, node.js, gulp, Entity Framework (reverse engineering and code first), SQL Server management, SQL Server schema generation, SQL statements and stored procedures, Oracle management and PL/SQL, Knockout.js,, Angular 1, XML, Crystal Reports development.

Front end development

Typescript/Javascript, Angular, Knockout,

  • We wrote WealthStation PlanAdvisor in c# .NET Core and front end single page applications, SPAs. We also have a Windows service that polls SQL Server and runs Crystal Reports to generate and distribute PDF files via e-mail and Windows Azure storage. We have monthly import programs that transform large XML and CSV data files to insert data into the database.
  • We originally developed using Knockout.js on the front end and c# .NET WebAPI back end with SQL Server.
  • We originally developed Retirement Loan Eraser using Knockout.js on the front end with MVC serverside views and c# WebAPI back end with Entity Framework and SQL Server. Additional technology was used in allowing the client to create dynamically applied classes to process CSV files.

Back end development

c# WebAPI, node.js, SQL Server, Oracle, stored procedures, Entity Framework 6 and Entity Framework Core.

  • We build RESTful apis using c# and .NET Core.
  • We design and build databases and integrate directly with SQL queries or use Entity Framework (code first or reverse engineering).
  • We leverage Microsoft Identity Framework for industry standard security.

Windows development

We develop Windows applications using c# and WPF, integrating either with Entity Framework or SQL directly.

  • Test applications and scheduled tasks for monitoring FTP files.
  • Windows services that monitor a queue to process automated jobs such as generating PDFs using Crystal Reports, zipping them and then sending them via e-mail or writing them to Microsoft Azure storage.
  • Import processes using XML and CSV data files from major financial data feeds. We import large amounts of data, with performance and data integrity in mind, in to SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Crystal Reports development

We offer services to develop or maintain Crystal Reports and have experience creating automated tools to manage batch generation of PDF files as well as archiving, storage and distribution via email or Microsoft Azure storage.

Code review and training

We can make our code available during development for review and also offer training in the event you wish to pull the code in-house. We continue to maintain a relationship with our clients and offer support after a project is complete. As an example, we developed Retirement Loan Eraser working closely with their CTO and in the end we trained developers hired near the end of development to take over the project going forward. When they need help, need to ask a technology question, we remain available to them for guidance.