• Custom Software Solutions

    We do it all, from the design process, through development and testing, and finally hosting and maintenance.

  • Leading Edge

    We use the latest technology and industry standards to secure and power your project.

  • We Can Do Anything

    Desktop, portable, and cloud based software to power everything from financial software, reporting, retail sales, and backend administration.

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About TCR Development

We create desktop and cloud based solutions to power financial software, retail sales and reporting services consumable on all devices. That can be a wide range of projects, from software that analyzes fund performance for retirement plan providers to selling collectible shoes to generating reports for baseball batting and pitching statistics. Any project you can imagine, we can deliver.

Experienced professional software development team to turn your idea into reality.

We have worked in software development for decades as developers, designers, managers, quality assurance and IT. We have worked on applications connected to SQL Server and Oracle both local and in the cloud and are experts at database design and development with an eye towards both security and performance. We understand security concerns and the need for good performance on a variety of platforms. When we develop a web site, we work to make it usable on the desktop, tablet, and cell phones equally.

All of our work is taken on with a goal that the final product is something for which we can be proud.

Our Projects

Many of our projects are private or covered by a non-disclosure agreement but we can show you a couple of the public sites and talk about our scope of services.

Passion is delivering results

Our passion is to work hard and deliver outstanding results.

We are constantly learning and taking on new challenges. Each project is an opportunity to learn a new language, deploy a new framework, and improve our standards.

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Maintainability
  • Portability

These are the standards by which we work. We create secure maintainable applications that are easy to use and perform well on any device.

Our Services

We develop and maintain applications to work with relational databases and cloud based resources. If you ask if we can do something, the answer will be yes.

Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure and Others

We create and maintain cloud based applications. Example, generate and store reports in the cloud.



We can create custom web and Windows based applications to perform local, network, or cloud based tasks.

Database and IT Services

SQL Server/Oracle

We can create, host, and maintain your applications, databases, and cloud servers or virtual machines.

API Development

RESTful Services

We create and consume RESTful APIs, services that perform tasks such as getting, creating, updating and deleting data. We also work with third-party APIs and WCF services.

Backend Tools

Administrative and Automated Tasks

We develop tools to help you perform backend administrative tasks. Example, you need to download files from a web site in PDF format, scrape them of data, and then store it in a database.


Crystal Reports

Develop and customize Crystal Reports and reporting services, services that take data from various sources and generate a PDF or Excel file for consumption.

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