Live Financial Services Project

Streamline the fiduciary process is our flagship product. Developed, owned, and operated by TCR, this site lets fund advisors research retirement funds and create reviews and proposals to win and maintain business with retirement plan sponsors. It integrates with many retirement plan administration software providers including Relius and Omni. Data is downloaded nightly or on demand using their web APIs along with a monthly feed from Morningstar.

Users can research funds, create lists of funds, score funds according to user configurable rules and generate PDF reports that are fully customizable by the user.

  • Import and export data via CSV files
  • SQL Server
  • Online charting of fund data
  • Backend import services of monthly feeds from Morningstar
  • Secure login
  • compatible data grid developed in-house
  • Licensed features and auditing
  • Cloud based servers and virtual machine
  • Crystal Reports generation
  • Cloud storage
PlanAdvisor Home
PlanAdvisor Report Customization
Sample Crystal Report
Fund Research Screen
About Project

This project uses a modern Javascript framework called to power the user interface. Convention over configuration eases development and keeps code clean. SQL Server hosted in the cloud along with industry standard security keeps user information secure and available. Crystal Reports are used to build PDF files controlled by templates customized via the web front end. Organize reports, include custom reports and PDFs to generate one final report for the consumer. Reports may be downloaded or emailed for review by designated users.

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